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Life Is Too Short For Mediocre Coffee

Dial in the perfect cup of coffee at home with excellent beans from small roasters across North America.  Ethically sourced and delivered straight to your door. 

You don’t drink
coffee to wake up…
you wake up to drink coffee

You appreciate good GREAT coffee and love to support your local cafés and roasters (the entire Square One team thanks you!). But when it comes to brewing your own perfect cup of coffee at home, you usually fall short.

Does this sound familiar?

You settle for grocery store beans because it’s better (for everyone) that you never run out.

You’d rather sample a variety of different coffee beans, but there’s never enough time to do the legwork to find perfectly roasted AND ethical coffee beans.

Or maybe you’re a legit home barista who knows lots of tricks and would love to bond with other coffee nerds.

Perhaps you even tried a coffee subscription in the past but it just didn’t quite meet your expectations.

Who knew something so simple as coffee could be so hard to get right?

You need someone to do the legwork for you. Someone to find the best, perfectly roasted beans for your unique palate. Vet the roasters. Ensure the farmers make a fair, LIVABLE wage and are never exploited.

And you need it to be easy.

Your Coffee, Your Way

We’re not your average coffee subscription box. We’re Doorstep Barista.

We partner with some of North America’s best roasters to source and deliver new coffees right to your door. Specially curated to match your unique coffee profile. From the team behind your favourite Edmonton coffee shop.

My favourite coffee ever!! I look forward to my coffee every morning. I never want to buy coffee when I’m out as I know it won’t be as good as the coffee I get from my subscription box!!”

–Becky P.,  Customer

Play Video about Doorstep Barista coffee subscription box is here

Dial in the perfect cup of coffee. Every time

We know how tricky it can be to brew a flawless cup of coffee. We do this for a living and we still have to adjust our process with every new roaster. The good news? We’ve done all the trial and error for you.

Every month you’ll get a new coffee selection to try, with specific brewing recommendations to help you make the most of your beans right out of the bag. Learning curve averted. And an exquisite cup of coffee on your first try.

Expand your coffee horizons with every box

New beans and new shipments mean you’ll never be bored. Develop your palate with side-by-side comparisons of taste, acidity, aroma, and all those wonderful characteristics that make coffee so essential.

Variety is the spice of life, and this subscription brings the spice!

Satisfy your coffee craving and give smallholder farmers a “high-five” in the process

We believe that great coffee shouldn’t just delight your taste buds, it should bring hope and dignity to those that grow it.

We vet roasters based on coffee quality and their ethical practices. We look for the highest quality standards and carefully assess how they drive impact with every batch. So you know that your Doorstep Barista subscription is improving the lives of marginalized coffee farmers AND supporting local.

Pour Over. French Press. Espresso. Drip.
No matter how you brew, we’ve got you covered

As a Doorstep Barista subscriber, you get:

NB: We reserve the right to throw the occasional treat or surprise in with your monthly delivery. We don’t think you’ll mind. You seem like someone who likes to keep things interesting.

Your Coffee, Your Way. Curated Just For You and Your Unique Palette.​

These exquisite beans made my morning coffees just like going to my favourite coffee shop for a divine week. Now I know what to do when I feel like treating myself!”

–Sara Fraser, Square One Customer


Getting started with Doorstep Barista is as easy as 1,2,3 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


You know what you like.


You tell us what you like. Take our coffee selector quiz to nail down your ideal coffee profile.

We comb through our favourite roasters, track down the perfect-for-you brew and ship it right to your door. And then we do it again the next month.

Consider this your formal invitation to join the Doorstep Barista community!

Visit us on our website:

Next, take our coffee selector quiz! We’ll assess your preferred roast level, tasting notes, coffee consumption and taste for adventure to unearth your unique coffee profile.

Finally, choose how many bags per month, and how often you’d like your coffee delivered. And don’t worry, you’re not locked in. You can change your coffee selections, shipping interval and tier level at any time.

Once completed, you’ll be prompted to checkout and confirm your subscription. And that’s it. Just sit back and relax. Your first curated Doorstep Barista box will be mailed to you the last week of March.

Don't Settle For Mediocre Coffee

Click the button below and take our coffee selector quiz

I simply had no idea what I was missing with my grocery store beans. But this stuff is actually good! I’ve completely leveled up my coffee game.”

– Kevin O., DB Coffee Subscriber

Got questions? Great! We’ve got answers.

Our orders ship out on the 1st week and the 3rd week of the month. The cut off for ordering is 5 business days before shipment. If you miss the deadline, we will get you on the next one.

The coffee you get is freshly roasted for your order and shipped within a week of roasting.

Yes! We just introduced two local pick-up options.

Now when you checkout you’ll have the option of having your Doorstep Barista box shipped to you, or you can select either of our Square One Coffee shops (Glenora or Aspen Gardens) for local pickup.

So, one of the things about craft coffee is that not all roasters use the same weight of bag.  For example, a few we are working with this month: 
Discovery Coffee out of Victoria has 340g bags, 
Monogram Coffee, Calgary has 340g bags,
Candid Coffee, Edmonton has 250g bags.
One of the things we are super intentional about is making sure we get you the most amount of coffee every month for your money.  So, we would never for example feature 3 roasters that have smaller bags of coffee.  But we may have 1 smaller bag per month.  We wish that all roasters utilize the same bag size, but, unfortunately there is no standard.  However, some of them just have such excellent coffees that we couldn’t pass them over.  
The one thing I CAN promise, is that we will make sure your box is awesome and is a great value for your money.

We are working on updating the website to accommodate this. For now, you can complete another order and leave us a note in the notes section telling us that both orders can be shipped together. Please note, the current minimum order for shipping is 2 bags.

No problem. Just let us know and we will work with you to find the profile you DO love for your next box!

You can change your coffee preference as needed! Simply log into your account and update your preferences.
Please email us and we can help you with that. Or simply log into your account and update your preferences.
We understand. You can cancel your subscription easily from your own account.
We only work with roasters who are direct trade. No exceptions. Learn more about direct trade coffee.