What’s with the box?

With coffee, there’s no one size fits all. We know that you like your coffee your way…so do we. We also believe that coffee shouldn’t just delight your taste buds, it should bring hope and dignity to those that grow it. Sadly, that’s rarely the case.

We’ve set out to curate the most personalized coffee box that will scratch your coffee itch just right while giving smallholder farmers a “high-five” in the process.

We vet the best Canadian coffee roasters based on coffee quality and their ethical practices. We test them for the highest quality standards and look carefully at how they partner directly with farming communities to drive impact with every batch they roast.

We partner with the best roasters to deliver new coffees to your doorstep that match your unique coffee palette and expand your coffee horizons with every box we ship.

How it works.


Tell us how you love your coffee, we’ll curate unique coffees that match your profile


Choose the box size you want to match your coffee consumption


At your doorstep, every month, no fuss