Doorstep Barista

What are your coffee preferences?

Take our super fancy coffee selector quiz and find out your coffee profile: from 1—Wild & Unconventional—to 6—Dark & Bold—to everything in between. We’ll use the results to customize your coffee box each month to make sure you only get what you love. Don’t worry, you can retake the quiz anytime if the description doesn’t sound just right.

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04 Adventure Level

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Life is too short for mediocre coffee.

You don’t drink coffee to to wake up, you wake up to drink coffee.

You appreciate good GREAT coffee and love to support your local cafés and roasters. But when it comes to brewing your own perfect cup of coffee at home, you usually fall short. That’s where we come in.

Meet Doorstep Barista.

We partner with some of North America’s best roasters to source and deliver new coffees right to your door. Specially curated to match your unique coffee profile.

We’re not your average coffee subscription box.

Every month you’ll get a new coffee selection to try, with specific brewing recommendations to help you make the most of your beans right out of the bag. Learning curve averted. And an exquisite cup of coffee on your first try.

Expand your coffee horizons with every box.

New beans and new shipments mean you’ll never be bored. Develop your palate with side-by-side comparisons of taste, acidity, aroma, and all those wonderful characteristics that make coffee so essential.

Variety is the spice of life, and this subscription brings the spice!

Satisfy your coffee craving and give smallholder farmers a “high-five” in the process.

We believe that great coffee shouldn’t just delight your taste buds, it should bring hope and dignity to those that grow it.

We vet roasters based on coffee quality and their ethical practices. We look for the highest quality standards and carefully assess how they drive impact with every batch. So you know that your Doorstep Barista subscription is improving the lives of marginalized coffee farmers AND supporting local.

Your Coffee, Your Way. Curated Just For You and Your Unique Palette.​