Doorstep Barista

Why we exist?

The Sustainability of the coffee industry is why we grind and what drives us to do what we do. 

Every time you drink a cup of coffee you impact the future of the coffee industry.  

We are passionate about educating coffee lovers about the industry and making delicious sustainable coffee choices more accessible to Canadians. 

We only work with local roasteries that make meaningful connections with coffee producers and are committed to partnering with them to grow coffee in a sustainable way.

A non-negotiable part of that sustainability is paying the farmers a fair amount, which is perhaps the most important aspects of the coffee supply chain.  

We do the research and nerd out hard over transparency reports, so you do not have to. Seriously, we love this stuff!

How we choose our partners

We only work with:


Partners whose core values align with ours: to source ethical, direct trade coffee and build transparency in the farm to cup process.


Companies who visit the source directly to develop sustainable, quality-focused relationships with coffee producers around the world that are built on respect and commitment to creating the best coffee together.


Roasters who travel to the regions where the coffee is grown so they can understand and source ethical coffee beans. At the very minimum, If the roaster is too small to do this, they work with a purchaser that does.

Our Story

You don’t choose the coffee life, the coffee life chooses you. 

In 2015, we started a journey exploring the wild world of coffee. We dove in headfirst by researching and trying to understand what direct trade coffee is, which led us to try every café in Edmonton. Fuelled by caffeine, curiosity, and our desire to understand coffee, we travelled to Vancouver and Victoria, BC to see what the West Coast had to offer.   

Learning about coffee quickly became a passion of ours, and we decided to take a massive leap and open a café in the south side of Edmonton. 5 years and 2 cafés later, we are more excited about coffee than ever!  

Part of what drives our coffee passion is a desire to share what we’ve learned about coffee, especially direct trade coffee, with coffee lovers in our cafés. But that’s hard to do in a fast-paced coffee shop environment with busy people constantly coming and going. Although our customers love hearing about where their coffee comes from, and appreciate our commitment to Direct Trade,  it’s not the ideal place to educate and share coffee knowledge. That frustrated us.  

We knew that if we genuinely wanted to help people better understand coffee, we would have to try something new. And Doorstep Barista was born!

It’s the perfect tool to expose coffee lovers to new coffees with every box while using the subscription box model as a vehicle for sharing coffee knowledge and education!  

Some people think we’re a little crazy and should just focus on our cafés. They’re not wrong…we are a little crazy. We’re crazy passionate about helping our customers understand how important proper sourcing of coffee is and how working with roasters who are doing it well can impact lives across the globe.

We think this little box is a perfect way to do that. We hope you’ll join us on our coffee journey.