Doorstep Barista

Life is too short for mediocre coffee.

You don’t drink coffee to wake up, you wake up to drink coffee. 

You appreciate good—no, GREAT—coffee and love to support local cafes and roasters.

And, you love brewing the perfect cup in the comfort of your own home.

Meet Doorstep Barista.

We are passionate about educating coffee lovers about the coffee industry.

From where your coffee is grown, to how it’s processed, purchased, and roasted, we want you to know where your coffee comes from and how to utilize every bean to make each cup the best cup.

We believe that sustainability, transparency, and direct trade are essential.

We choose our partners based on values that align with ours regarding the ethical production of coffee.

The companies we choose to work with are ones that visit the source directly to develop a relationship—one built on respect and commitment to creating the best coffee together—with coffee producers around the world. A non-negotiable aspect of these values is paying the farmer’s a fair amount. (Or, if our partners are too small to visit origin, they work with a purchaser that does.)

By working with local roasteries that create meaningful connections with coffee producers, we support direct trade and sustainable lifestyles for farmers, build transparency within the industry, and make a meaningful impact in the lives of those involved in the entire coffee production process.

We make delicious coffee choices more accessible to Canadians.

We source and deliver new coffees from some of North America’s best roasters right to your door—specially curated to your unique coffee palate!

With that all being said, we hope you’ll join us in discovering new beans from new roasters every month, all while giving smallholder farmers a “high-five” in the process.